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HSEU Alumni 55

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We aim to build a community of HSEU members above 55 years of age through increased engagement with our members, and activities that interest them. We also want to encourage active ageing! With our closely knitted ties to U Live, a string of activities such as Monthly Brisk Walking For Health and Ballroom Dancing With Happy Feet are organised regularly for the enjoyment our members. Through different activities, HSEU hopes to keep in touch with our members for many years to come even after retirement from the work force. Last and most importantly, HSEU would like to say a big “THANK YOU” for continuing to be a part of our big family through HSEU Alumni 55!


Industrial Relations and Leadership

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Guided by the principles of the Union’s mission to protect and safeguard the interests of our members, HSEU serves as a strong representation for Ordinary members during Collective Agreements, Annual Increments and Grievances. Professional advice on employment-related matters are also offered for General Branch members.

The Union strongly believes that a Tripartite or Bipartite approach is necessary towards resolving issues. We also recognise that the most sustainable way of protecting our members’ interests and rights would be to adopt a collaborative strategy in working with both the government, as well as employers. Building strong labour management relations therefore, is a consistent effort by the Union, to maintain as a strong voice for our members.




The membership committee's main focus and objective is on recruitment and retention. As such, the committee meets regularly to brainstorms for ideas and strategies to simultaneously attract new members, while providing continued support for current members through benefits. Thanks to their hard-work and successful planning, our membership size has seen growth from 9,700 in 2007 to 43,000 in 2016!

Roadshows are also organised regularly at the various institutions for the purpose of engaging HSEU members, and to update them on the latest Union enhancements and benefits. In addition, events and activities are planned to cater to the different age groups in HSEU. Activities such as Dinner and Dance, 'Members Malacca shopping trip' and exclusive movie premiere screenings are among those which are popular and well received by our members.




The Sports subcommittee was set up with the objective to promote a healthy lifestyle for all ages through sports and games. It also aims to identify sports enthusiasts and talents to represent HSEU in U-sports and games, and cultivate and nurture leadership potentials in individuals.

Major events such as U-Games - the Labour Movement's Annual sports competition, promote sports capabilities, foster team-spirit, and develop camaraderie among participating members. HSEU has always been a strong union in the sports arena, coming in as champions the past few years.

We welcome all HSEU sport enthusiasts to join us as we strive to take HSEU Sports to greater heights together!




One of the main values of HSEU is to CARE and that is the exact purpose of the Welfare Committee. Together with NTUC, the Welfare Committee works on many different Schemes, Grants and Awards that are given throughout the year to ease some of the financial burden, and support our members in times of difficulties. For example, the HSEU Bursary Awards is an annual affair, aimed at encouraging our members’ children to work harder in their studies. The welfare committee will continue its efforts in hopes of a better life for our members.


Young HSEU

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Young HSEU is the youth wing of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union, reaching out to members aged 35 years old and below through activities organized by the youths, for the youths!

Apart from social and recreational events such as volunteer activities, outdoor events and joint-union challenges organized for HSEU youths to stimulate their interest and awareness, Young HSEU endeavours to offer opportunities for youths to develop their leadership potential, as well as give voice to the needs and aspirations of young workers in the healthcare industry today.

Interested to be part of Young HSEU? Drop us an email at hseu.events@ntuc.org.sg consisting of your personal particulars (Name, NRIC, Branch, Email and Mobile No) and we’ll loop you into our youth network! Alternatively, like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HSEU.singapore to follow our latest happenings!


Young NTUC

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Young HSEU is a youth arm under Young NTUC, which is the largest and most vibrant Youth Movement in Singapore. Young NTUC reaches out to the younger community to share their ideas, views and concerns in today's society.

For more information on Young NTUC, visit their website at www.youngntuc.org.sg.

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